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Remedies & Supplements


When I first started looking into a raw food diet for my spaniel, Cam, I found it quite overwhelming and seemed to get more complicated the more I looked into it!

I wanted to enhance his nutrition though I could really do without the additional time taken on lengthy preparations. 

We decided to go for a balanced portion of the meat:organ:bone to make things easier, but I wanted more variety and higher density of plant nutrients – and without the high starch content of some vegetables. 

This led me to the Greens, Seeds & Superfoods blend for vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein and plants rich in chlorophyll, along with the Tranquil – Relax and Soothe blend as a holistic addition (herbs, seeds & roots). 

Having trained as a holistic health coach and studying herbalism, body-balance is really important to me. These blends are created by a qualified canine nutritionist who teaches courses in raw food for dogs. 

The essential oil blend in the calming spray and plug-in round off our collection. I personally have used some of the ingredients, such as Valerian, for a number of years for my own chronic pain condition. The blend smells wonderful and is suitable for all pets, which was a necessary tick in the box for my geckos and indoor guinea pigs! 

If you have any questions on these, feel free to reach out.