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Mental wellbeing for dogs.

Helping you create a more calm & connected household through playing brain games & enrichment activities with your dog.

We’ve made over 1500 tails wag ♥

Think they’re the best thing I’ve seen on Instagram! For someone like me who is a first time springer owner and had to learn everything myself these are perfect!




































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How do enrichment games work?

Thinking and decision making is tiring for dogs. Through brain games, we can stretch their mind. This adds fun, interest and enrichment to their day, develops positive behaviours like calmness, and yes, cultivating a satisfied, sleepy pooch (ahhh peace and quiet)!

Mission accomplished

Mental stimulation for the busiest minds and bodies ~ created for and tested by spaniels!

Thoughtful solutions

Make life a little easier with our grab-bags, treat pouches, calming aids and more.

Enrichment Guide

Add interest to your dog’s day & increase confidence with how they interact with the world. 


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