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“We have found the deck to be incredibly valuable to our training program, its helped us bond, create calm activities, build trust and enrich the dogs lives. So if you love your dog and want to enrich their lives, buy a deck! You won’t regret it!”
~ PACT Animal Sanctuary

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Sharing your life with a dog is a wonderful gift and has shaped mine in so many ways, but it can also be challenging – especially if you have a high-drive dog.

My approach is to balance physical exercise with mental stimulation and to provide plenty of outlets for natural behaviours (the core of enrichment). This needn’t be particularly time nor energy consuming if  you get your ‘toolkit’ together.

These are the products within my toolkit that I use on a regular basis to make my life a little easier, simpler and more enjoyable.

I hope you find them supportive in your efforts in working with your own dog.

From the Lakes with love,

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