How do enrichment games work?

Thinking and decision making is tiring for dogs. Through games, we can stretch their mind. This adds fun, interest and enrichment to their day, develops positive behaviours like calmness, and yes, cultivates a satisfied, sleepy pooch (ahhh peace and quiet)!

Enrichment games make CALMNESS a priority and help you spend quality time with your best friend 

Developing positive behaviours

Positive reinforcement gets you on the same page as your dog, supercharging your results.

Rather than training dogs to perform “tricks” (i.e. sit, lie down, spin etc), our focus is on targeting and reinforcing positive behaviours – namely CALMNESS, CONFIDENCE and RESPONSIVENESS to you when in distracting environments.

The enrichment games hardwire these three core components because they are designed in a way that:

Dogs find engaging

 Dogs love to play and are individuals in their own right, thus they learn best through fun and positive reinforcement.

Rewards good decisions

Give your dog the opportunity to make “good” decisions and challenge their decision
making ability.

Always Fresh

With 52 different games, many with multiple levels of progression, you can keep your dog on their toes!


calm pathways

Would you rather follow an order or make your own choice?

Dogs are intelligent creatures, if you don’t guide their decision making process and do it in a way that benefits them, they will continue making their own decisions based on what’s worked for them in the past, e.g:

  • Pulling on the leash = getting to the woods faster
  • Chasing critters = expressing primal drives
  • Chewing shoes = letting off stream, releasing anxiety etc 

By coming at the 3 core positive behaviours of CALMNESS, CONFIDENCE and RESPONSIVENESS from all different angles, stretching their brain to make connections, you are lending them to make these good decisions more often and in different scenarios. 

~ Time spent with a dog is time well spent ~

targeted training

The enrichment games are divided into categories so the user can select a key area to work on, as and when needed, or they can choose from the whole deck for a holistic approach to developing positive behaviours.

How’s my dog doing?

  • Calm 80% 80%
  • Focus 30% 30%
  • play 70% 70%
  • puzzle 25% 25%
  • bond 60% 60%


Calmness is the kingpin to a responsive dog. This includes calming activities that utilise their nose, creative ways to reward calm behaviour and real-world scenarios (such as developing calmness for the groomers or vets).




Focus is the combination of presence of mind (a calm but switched on state), attentiveness to you and the ability to be patient. The games are devised to hone this calm-focus.


these are the brain games! Different puzzles to get your dog thinking. These are the go-to games for when you need to tire them out fast!


This category is all about fun and letting off steam. Being playful side is hugely appealing to dogs, they love to play and this will help you become their go-to for a good time (as opposed to the fun-police, which we can so easily become).


think of this category like team-building activities you can do together. These help build confidence for both of you and forge stronger trust with each other.

how to play

Our card deck puts enrichment and brain games into the palm of your hand
– pick a card and make your dog’s day!

pick a card

Select from a category or choose
from the whole deck.

follow the instructions

Play the game for 60 seconds
to 5 minutes max.

play again or chill

3-5 games over the course of
the day is sufficient.

Dogs are a direct connection to nature, through working more closely with the natural world,
we too can find a deeper sense of calmness, peace and wellbeing.

Who is this for?

Thinking isn’t just tiring for dogs, it’s tiring for us too. So we’ve done the legwork and devised 52 games to keep your dog on their toes, most with multiple levels of progression.

All you have to do is pick a card.

The best part is you can play them in as little as 60 seconds. So you can sleep soundly knowing your dog has had an enriching day, even when you’ve been rushed off your feet.

Ideal for dogs who are:

♦ High energy & drive
♦ Highly intelligent
♦ Busy-bodies (e.g. working breeds)
♦ Get bored easily
♦ Prone to destructive behaviour
♦ Recovering from injury (e.g. on limited exercise)
♦ Lacking a solid recall
♦ Mugging their owner off on a regular basis!

Ideal for people who:

♦ Want to make their dog’s day more interesting
♦ Want to work more closely with their dog
♦ Are looking for enrichment ideas
♦ Sometimes struggle to find the time to entertain their dog
♦ Want to get the whole family involved with their dog
♦ Have limited mobility to exercise their dog
♦ Are stressed with dealing with a high-energy dog
♦ Are unable to exercise their dog during extreme weather
♦ Foster or work at rescue centre’s

brain games for dogs card deck

Our handy 52 enrichment game card deck
makes daily enrichment a doddle!

in the box

Check out this unboxing video by @spaniel.adventures ?  

You get: 

52 enrichment games
(each card is unique and features a different dog) 

Guide booklet
(inc. hints, tips + additional game levels)

(to house it all)

*previous design, now updated!


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