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Thank you for your interest in my card deck. I absolutely love working with my stockists and I look forward to hearing more about your business.

You can find more information about the product and being a stockist below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer those. You can find the contact form at the bottom of this page.


About us


…And by small I mean me, my dog and I. Cam provides the inspiration and is a rigorous product tester and I do the digital side of things while he snoozes. He also overseas every trip to the sorting office.

 Quality and care is of the utmost importance and I put a lot of heart and soul into our deck.

My original desire was to give my high energy working-bred dog an interesting and enriching day (and to create that much needed calmness in the home without wracking my brains everyday for new ideas).

Since opening in late 2019, we have been blessed to work with many small businesses as well as rescue centres which has been so wonderful. 

I truly believe that dogs are the best of us and hope the deck to be a handy tool for helping dog guardians bring fun, interest and enrichment to the lives of many more dogs.



About the decks


 52 cards

Each card has instructions for a game or enrichment activity you can play with your dog. To keep things fun and engaging, these can be played within just a few minutes.

Includes scent games, puzzles, slow feeding and ways to bond through developing fun recalls and proximity.

5 categories: Calm, Focus, Puzzle, Play & Bond

Booklet with additional guidance and challenge levels.

Always positive reinforcement!

You can find more info on my product listing here.



Professionals (trainers, walkers, groomers) ★ Daycare centres ★ Welfare organisations ★ Online & physical stores


Wholesale info

Low MOQ: I love working with other small businesses so keep the minimum order to just 10 decks.

Pricing: There are 3 wholesale rates available dependant on order volume. Please contact me for the price list.

No VAT charges

Delivery: UK orders are £10 and dispatched with DHL next day delivery.

Plastic-free packaging

Product listing: You will receive a full product listing and info (size, weight, customs code) to get you up and running quickly and easily.

Product photography: I have lots of product photography available, from lifestyle to more formal which you can use on your listing and social channels (please just credit to the relevant account – this info can be found on in the photo folders).

Ordering: It’s quick and easy. Just email me how many decks you want. I will send you an invoice to pay via BACS and then I’ll book your courier in and send you the tracking details. You could have your decks the very next day!


Be part of the solution

I’m really passionate about helping owners spend quality time with their dogs and sharing ways to add fun, interest and enrichment to that dog’s life. Obviously, you are too.

I would love to work together to help raise the profile of mental stimulation and enrichment for dogs.

UK wide research identified behaviour problems as the most common reason for dogs to be given up for rehoming.

The Dog’s Trust

Key problems are often destructiveness, ‘disobedience’, hyperactivity and separation anxiety. While the deck is not a replacement for a good behaviourist or trainer when needed (though we do work hand in hand), many unwanted behaviours can be rectified by developing calmness, using positive reinforcement and delivering mental stimulation and enrichment.

The deck makes it easy and accessible for anyone.


Most dogs live their lives around us owners, always waiting for us to come home from work, to stop what we are doing and give them some attention, to our dogs we are their world.

What does the average pet dog get? A couple of walks a day and a play with some toys with you in the evening? A snuggle on the sofa after a long day at work?

Why not give your dog the gift of time, time spent with your dogs is never wasted.

Here at PACT, we introduced a deck of cards into our kennels already busy routine, and we couldn’t be happier. The deck includes 52 cards which we have found to be a great help with the dogs, there is a card for each and every dog. We have found the deck to be incredibly valuable to our training program, its helped us bond, create calm activities, build trust and enrich the dogs lives.

So if you love your dog and want to enrich their lives, buy a deck! You won’t regret it!


PACT Animal Sanctuary

Rescue centre ambassador & referer

Use code PACT and they will receive 20% of the deck sale.



Please reach out for the pricing and any other info you need.

My contact form has been eating messages so please reach out directly to or @calmdoggames on social. Thank you!

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