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Stress is an epidemic. 

As a holistic health coach, trainee herbalist and mindfulness practitioner, I believe that disconnection from nature is at the root of chronic stress and ‘dis-ease’.

Our stress impacts our dogs. …And it’s a cycle. Stress feeds stress.

We’re all about feeding calmness. 

Within our homes and modern landscape, dogs are direct connection to nature. Through working more closely with the natural world, I believe we too can find a deeper sense of calmness, peace and wellbeing.

As a stockist, you’ll be part of the CALMNESS Revolution, helping dogs and, in turn, their people.

– CHLOE HODDER, creator

calm dog, calm life 

Helping you create a more relaxed,
chilled out and calm household
through playing enrichment
games with your dog.


how do enrichment games work?

Thinking and decision making is tiring for dogs. Through games, we can stretch their mind. This adds fun, interest and enrichment to their day, develops positive behaviours like calmness, and yes, cultivates a satisfied, sleepy pooch (ahhh peace and quiet)!

What’s inside the box?

52 game card deck 

5 colour coded categories 

57 page guide booklet with hints, tips & additional game levels

targeted training

The games are divided into categories so the user can select a key area to work on, as and when needed, or they can choose from the whole deck for a holistic approach
to developing positive behaviours.

How’s my dog doing?

  • Calm 80% 80%
  • Focus 30% 30%
  • play 70% 70%
  • puzzle 25% 25%
  • bond 60% 60%

brain games for dogs activity card deck is a quick to use, simple, easy and tangible way of developing calmness, rewarding good decisions and forging a stronger bond with your dog while having fun.

who is this for?

The card deck is for anyone who has a dog, works with dogs or who is buying a gift for a dog lover.

Ideal for people who:

  • Want to add interest and enrichment to their dog’s day.
  • Are looking for ways to work closely with their dog. 
  • Sometimes struggle to find the time to entertain their dog.
  • Are looking for enrichment ideas.
  • Want to get the whole family involved with their dog.
  • Have limited mobility to exercise their dog. 
  • Are stressed out dealing with a high-energy dog. 
  • Are unable to exercise their dog during extreme weather.
  • Foster or work at rescue centres.

Ideal for dogs who are:  

  • Highly intelligent, driven, energetic
  • Busy-bodies (e.g. working breeds)
  • Get bored easily and are prone to destructive behaviour.
  • Recovering from injury (e.g. on limited exercise).
  • Lacking a solid recall 
  • Mugging their owner off on a regular basis!

how to play

Our card deck puts enrichment and brain games into the palm of your hand
– pick a card and make your dog’s day!

pick a card

Select from a category or choose
from the whole deck.

follow the instructions

Play the game for 60 seconds
to 5 minutes max.

play again or chill

3-5 games over the course of
the day is sufficient.

why become a stockist?

The Brain Games for Dogs Enrichment Card Deck falls in a sweet spot of being both a substantial training aid and highly giftable.

Many of our customers have bought sets for family and friends as well as themselves.

With dogs being integral members of the family, more and more of us are actively looking for ways to enrich our dog’s life.

This is a one of a kind product in the dog industry and our customers have been so delighted to find us!

I am blown away by how popular your card decks are. Amazing again – we’re almost out after less than 24 hours. Could I order more please?


Uk adult population owns a dog¹



dogs in the UK alone²



spent on non-edible pet gifts in 2014³

owners buy festive gifts for their dog at christmas - £166 million spent⁴

 pet stores   dog businesses   trainers   gift shops   rescue centres   boutiques   outdoor stores   garden centres  farm shops   wellness centres

Be part of the solution

UK wide research identified behaviour problems as the most common reason for dogs to be given up for rehoming.

– The Dog’s Trust 

Key problems are often destructiveness, ‘disobedience’, hyperactivity and separation anxiety. While we’re not in replacement of a good behaviourist or trainer when needed (though we do work hand in hand), many unwanted behaviours can be rectified by developing CALMNESS, using positive reinforcement and delivering mental stimulation and enrichment.

The AHA study found that people who asked for help before returning the dog were more likely to keep that dog than those who had not sought advice.

Getting a new dog can be overwhelming. What if owners had a simple and easy way of building that all important bond with their new dog while developing positive behaviours such as calmness? together, we can bridge the gap, providing a friendly tool and resource for establishing a positive relationship with their new dog.

grow a forest

As well as being passionate about dogs, I’m also passionate about nature as a whole.

For every deck sold, I have pledged to plant a tree in the tropics in aid of TreeSister’s reforestation program.

As a stockist, your order will be contributing to growing that forest. If you would like to start your own company page, you can do so here.

I have a page for nature on my site (#ipledge) and am available to provide support to help other businesses create their own ‘Page for Nature’ to help spread environmental awareness and look at the ways we can reduce our impact here on Earth.

who are 'we'?

I often say “we” and “our” and then laugh as I imagine someone asking me about my team and having to tell them, well my team member is a dog. He may not reply to emails but I couldn’t have created Calm Dog Games without him!

His name is Cam (we’re keen climbers and he’s named after a key bit of kit – not David Cameron as someone once asked us!) and as you can probably tell he’s a springer spaniel, otherwise known as a mud magnet. He’s my constant shadow and the inspiration behind all of this.

We live in a little village along the Jurassic coast with my husband Ryan, who is a Royal Marine and two chickens, Solveig and Yennifer, two geckos, Odin and Thelonious, and two as-yet-unnamed guinea pigs (shhh I haven’t told Ryan about those last two yet…).

We’re currently renting and saving for a deposit for our own house – our dream is to buy a cottage in the countryside to live the Good Life.

As a small business, I appreciate every order and treasure each of my stockists. It would mean the world to us to be able to serve your clients and customers with our product. 

Great for any dog lover. Lovely cards with some great games on them. Simple ideas well thought out. Glad I bought them. I feel I have an ace up my sleeve with these.

Emily A.

Human ordered me some Calm Dog Games cards and they have been so much fun! Check them out if you haven't already!
Alfie the lab

Fantastic idea! enrichment for any dog breed, Perfect for pets/owners who can't manage long walks, and perfect for rainy days!
Chloe H.

Honestly brilliant!

These are great little fun games to help focus, calm bond and play with my dog, and I love the fact that it has a little book that has higher levels of you can train further. It's compact to carry around and to just whip one out, I really enjoy doing the focus games with my pup while out walking!

Tia B.

The exercises are super simple, quick and fun to play. Osiris loves the extra attention!! Thanks so much!!
Kaél E.

Lots of useful games to enhance both dog and human bond. Lots of games to choose from. Well worth the purchase. 

Janett K.

Great games for every occasion. Wish they'd been plasticised. ...I intend to laminate them to extend useful life and weatherproof them. great for this awful wet weather when we can't get out. 

[REPLY: Our #ipledge mission is to be as eco-friendly as possible which is why we have them made out of card instead of plastic 🙂  The new deck do now have a varnish to extend life.] 

Brenda M.

A brilliant idea!

These cards are a brilliant idea, they are fun, easy to use and only take a few minutes. It is a great way of getting new ideas for games to play with your dog. I have found they are a great way of getting the rest of the family involved in dog training/play. I encourage everyone to take one card a day and play the game with our dogs. The dogs love it.

Patricia M.

I bought these cards for my dog for Christmas, and I am so impressed with them! We’ve played a few of the different games now and we both have so much fun ? I love picking three cards to play each day. I can’t recommend these enough, especially if you are a bit stuck with your training ❤️
Laura @olivethechichi

Never seen anything like this before! Love it!
Archie's Treat Boxes

Good for training and bonding with my boy as well as making his brain work. 

Kathryn G.

Had a quick look over the cards and I know Poppy will enjoy playing the games. Bought these over the Christmas period to keep her entertained. 

Gill D.

Great idea. Received our cards yesterday. I think they are BRILLIANT. We are holed up in one room of the house (+2 labs!!) downstairs atm, whilst builders/decorators are in rest, so these are useful for instant entertainment! My one criticism - the script is not always easy to read. 

[REPLY: Script font has now been updated to make them easier to read!]


These are one of the best things we've ever bought for our energetic cocker Spaniel!

They're easy to follow and great for giving you good ideas to keep them stimulated.

Some can take you as long as you want, others just 5 minutes but it's such a good way to keep then engaged, particularly on a wet and rainy day!

My niece who is 11 absolutely loves getting these out to play with the dog when she's over. I take a handful of the cards whenever we go somewhere too so I have something on hand to prompt some games and training.

Maggie loves them too and does an excited bum wiggle when she sees the box ?

Francesca M

A handy resource for enrichment and training. These cards are a great way to find games that will help you boost the behaviours you want from your dog. 

Being able to pick a card at random is an easy way to make sure you include variety in your play. 

They're great for rainy days and handy for holidays, and they include lots of ideas that would work for dogs who are on restricted exercise. 

I especially like the little book that explains the thinking behind the games and how to take them to the next level as your dog becomes an expert. 

On top of that they're very pretty and easy to wrap, so I am working out who I can buy them for as a gift.

Jacqui G.

What a brilliant idea!

Too often we walk Maisie where we should be using her brain and tiring her out mentally. Absolutely love them!

What a great idea! Can't wait to get started on Maisie's training!


I love that they are organized by concept so you can easily find a solution to a struggle you may be working on.

They will make amazing gifts for any occasion!

A wonderful idea! Thank you!

Carol M.

Simple and fun fun fun! The calm dog playcards is awesome, easy and simple games to play whenever. Even my boyfriend is using them.

Veronica J.

Stock us

If you are interested in stocking us, please get in touch and I will send you further details including the wholesale price list. 

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