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Tired  Calm dogs are happy dogs!

Does your dog seem to have boundless energy, and keeping up with them can feel like being on a never-ending treadmill? If you’re the owner of a high energy, high drive dog such as a working breed, you’re likely familiar with the challenges that come with keeping them entertained and out of trouble.

Leash pulling, excessive barking, destructive behaviour, anxiety and a general lack of calm are common behavioural and training issues that owners of high energy dogs may experience. Perhaps you find yourself in the catch-22 situation where you are walking your dog more and more but they aren’t getting any calmer.

Meeting your dog’s enrichment needs and providing them with enough mental stimulation is often the missing piece of the puzzle and can help them feel calmer and more content.

At Calm Dog Games, our mission is to help you provide your dog with the mental exercise they crave. We offer a variety of brain games and enrichment activities designed to meet the needs of dogs, but especially those with busy minds. Our products are designed to make fulfilling your dog’s needs simple and easy, without being overly time-consuming or complicated.

You don’t need to become an expert in dog behaviour to keep your dog happy and healthy. With Calm Dog Games, you can get started right away and feel confident that you’re providing your dog with the enrichment they need to thrive.

Supporting Welfare Organisations

Oak Tree Animals Charity

The enrichment deck is used by welfare organisations to provide varied enrichment to within their care and to support owners in bonding with and meeting the needs of their new dog.

Welfare organisations receive a £5 per enrichment deck sale plus 10% commission across the rest of the store when their code is used.

We understand the value of the bond between owners and animals. Our Community Team works to provide options to keep pets in loving homes wherever possible and appropriate, providing welfare friendly alternatives to rehoming.


We are so excited to be partnering with Calm Dog Games to promote these fabulous new brain-game cards for dog owners to enjoy with their dogs!


Not only will these cards stimulate your dog’s brain, they will also help develop your relationship with your dog, providing plenty of outlets for natural behaviours and helping to promote calmness.


~ Oak Tree Animals Charity.

Welcome to my store!

Grab a cuppa & have a browse… 

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Enrichment & Mental Stimulation

My Enrichment Deck will give you tons of ways to mentally stimulate your dog through brain games, DIY puzzle toy ideas and enrichment activities.

I also have a variety of enrichment toys to help you play with your dog, boost their confidence, work their mind and enrich their day.

Dog Walking Accessories

A gorgeous set of products that I use on a daily basis to make my walks a little easier, simpler and more enjoyable.

Grab and go!

These make for lovely unisex gift items too. 

Calm Collection

A core selection of products aimed at helping you develop and positively reinforce calmness with your dog.

Making over two thousand tails wag!

Happy customers ♡

Brilliant idea!

Bought for my high energy pup: it has been really helpful in tiring her out, through enrichment, instead of heavy physical exercise which she can’t have lots of.

It’s full of amazing ideas and has been instrumental in encouraging calmness.

Every dog owner should have a pack!

I messed up the order, but Chloe helped sort it out quickly and was so lovely throughout.

Sepali & Harper

“I absolutely love these cards and now recommend them to all of my friends with dogs!

They’re so simple to use and are perfect for adding enrichment to your dogs life. They’re also beautifully illustrated too, which I adore!

We already include lots of toys, games and activities in our dog, Jessie’s life to make it enriched and enjoyable. However, I was looking for some new and simple ideas for days when we stay at home but also ideas to use to help with engagement on walks as Jessie is easily distracted by the environment.

These have worked wonders and Jessie now wiggles with joy when we play her favourite games from these cards and they have improved her focus and attention greatly.

I would highly recommend!!”

Kirsty & Jessie

My boy Buddy absolutely loves his snufflepuff – it’s still going strong after loads of use.

I fill it to let him play by himself (supervised of course) or just put a few in & he plays with it with me on the sofa after a walk to calm & then have cuddles!

Highly recommend – love this seller have loads of items from her.

Bev & Buddy

Please see the individual product listings more more lovely reviews!


Love the deck and want to integrate it into your offerings? I work with all kinds of (force-free) dog professionals, organisations and enthusiasts! See below for more info.

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Dog Professionals

Ideal for clients to provide their dog with mental stimulation to help aid your training or behaviour sessions. 

Recommend the deck to you clients and they will get a small discount and you will earn 15% commission

You will also receive a set of FREE business cards. These can be personalised with your unique code to make sharing all the info quick and easy. 

Want to sell direct to clients or include them in new client packs? Wholesale is also available

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Dog Charities

Ideal for new owners to help bond with their dog and provide calming enrichment. 

Sign up to receive a FREE deck for your centre

Include our personalised flyers in your re-homing packs and generate 25% commission on decks!

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Dog influencers

Ideal for ethusiastic customers with a social following who love sharing about their dog and the products they use.

Include our products in your social snaps and earn commision through your unique code!

You’ll also receive your own personal discount code to use across the store.

Want to stock the deck?

Get £100 credit for your first order!

Get started today with Net 60 terms & 1 year FREE shipping! 

*Terms by Faire, promotions may change or expire. 

Want to stock the deck?

Get £100 credit for your first order!

Get started today with Net 60 terms & 1 year FREE shipping! 

*Terms by Faire, promotions may change or expire. 

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