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Welcome Home Puppy Box

Supporting positive reinforcement,
playtime & bonding ♡

Introducing my Welcome Home Puppy Box! Everything you need to get started with building a strong bond with your new pup!


  • Calm Dog Games enrichment deck to help keep pups entertained! Encourages bonding, helps you play and provides an appropriate outlet for natural behaviours.
  • Mini Chunky Loop & Stick for your puppy to chew on – perfect for redirecting tiny sharp teeth! The twin pack is great for playing a number of games in the deck, such as those that involve toy swapping, tug and find it as well as for enrichment (you can stuff mini training treat in between the folds). You can even soak and then freeze for teething!
  • Treat pouch for on-the-go positive reinforcement, helping you feed into positive behaviours throughout the day and getting started with training!
  • A few homemade treats from Life of Riley Pet Bakery to get you started!

Colour options: 

TREAT POUCH: Sand Beige | Tarn Blue | Forest Green | Granite Grey

TOY: Rust | Lavender (deep purple) | Lilac (light purple) | Sage

Safety: Never leave dogs unattended with toys. Always supervise play. Intended for play and chew sessions but if they are a heavy chewer, please remove the toy from your dog before they destroy it!


Thank you for supporting this small business! ~ Chloe


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