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Snufflemat (Extra Large & Heavy Duty)

ideal for:

Calm, enriching sniffing & slow-feeding.

Sniffing is extremely calming for dogs and so snuffle mats are an easy way to add enriching sniffing opportunities to your dog’s day. 

Simply stuff dry food or treats between the fleece for your dog to forage.

  • Calming enrichment activity
  • Decompression days
  • Rest & recovery periods
  • Slow feeding
  • Alternative to scatter feeding when it’s too wet or hot outside.
  • Occupying your dog in the office, friends & family’s houses etc.

The extra large size (approx. 75cm x 45cm) and dense fill provides a sustained snuffle session for any size dog.

These are handmade-to-order.

See below for further care details.

Important:  As these snufflemats are time intensive to make and require a lot of material, you will need to choose a TRACKED postage option at checkout.

Snufflemat orders will not be processed without tracked postage (24/48 Tracked for UK or International Tracked).

International orders: The packed weight for these are 1.96KG. The max weight for Royal Mail international post is 2kg. So if you would like additional items and the checkout won’t process your combined order, it is because you are over 2kg and you will need to process the additional items as a separate order unfortunately.  Sorry about this, they are very strict on exact weights! Feel free to contact me for a custom courier quote if that’s easier!


Thank you for supporting this small business ~ Chloe


  • 100% natural rubber base made from plants which is heavy-duty to help deter your dog from easily flipping the snuffle mat and much more durable and eco-friendly than plastic versions.
  • Supersoft thick 288GSM non-pilling fleece (please be aware of thin felt versions as these can tear easily and don’t hide treats well).
  • Dense fill and long strips for a more sustained snuffle.
  • “Lavender fields” is made up of 5 different lilac, lavender and green tones.


Hose or shower down as and when needed. Prop up or hand to air dry. (Both the rubber and fleece are quick drying).

A gentle non-spin washing cycle may be used occasionally but this at your own risk! Avoid using detergents.


Should only be used with supervision. Not intended for chewing. Please be aware that the fleece strips may come loose which could be a choking hazard. Check regularly.


  • Made-to-order (5-15 working days).
  • Tracked shipping
  • Biodegradable mailbag
  • Worldwide delivery possible but please contact me first (tax, handling fees & import duty may apply)
  • Shipping & Returns


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