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Rescue Centre Gift – Enrichment Deck

Want to gift an enrichment deck (or multiple) to a rescue centre? I’ll include a handmade & handwritten card from you – please write your note in the order notes section! Due to the discount, these must be sent directly to a rescue centre. Please set the shipping address to a staff name and centre address.

1 deck: 10% off
5 decks: 15% off
10 decks: ^25% off

Outside the UK: Please email me first as I will need to look into shipping options.

Add fun, interest and enrichment to your best friend’s day while developing positive behaviours such as calmness, confidence and connection with you. Ideal for keeping your dog entertained!

How does this work? Mental stimulation is a key area that is often lacking in a dog’s life, yet it’s the guardians best option for creating a happy, calm and well-rounded companion. Our card deck puts 52 brain games and enrichment activities into the palm of your hand in a quick, easy and thinking-free format (yay headspace), helping you achieve a more relaxed, chilled and calm household – all within a few minutes a day.

✔ Helps build your dog’s responsiveness to you in increasingly distracting environments.
✔ Strengthens your relationship through working together.
✔ Boosts their confidence and motivation levels.
✔ Reinforces positive behaviours such as calmness.
✔ Target key issues such as loose leash walking, recall, toy sharing, retrieval & focus

Especially good for dogs who are: High energy | Highly intelligent | Busy-bodies | Get bored easily | Low confidence | Lack focus & recall

“The booklet is a fabulous wealth of information!  As a dog trainer, you nailed some core elements missed by some owners. So, thank you for the effort you put into these and the cards.” – See more reviews below 🙂

What's in the box...
  • 52 game cards – each card is unique and features a different watercolour dog. 
  • 57 page Guide booklet with additional game levels, hints, tips and best practises.
  • 5 colour-coded categories in muted tones: Calm, Focus, Play, Puzzle & Bond
Shipping & Delivery

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As a small business, I do need to charge shipping. 

Shipping will be calculated at checkout. I aim to send out your order within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

I ship in plastic-free eco jiffy bags!

Ideal if you...
♦ Are looking to work on specific areas with your dog (e.g. overall calmness, loose leash, attentiveness to you).
♦ Want to make your dog’s day more interesting
♦ Want to work more closely with your dog
♦ Are looking for enrichment ideas
♦ Sometimes struggle to find the time to entertain your dog
♦ Want to get the whole family involved
♦ Have limited mobility to exercise
♦ Are stressed with dealing with a high-energy dog
♦ Are unable to exercise your dog during extreme weather
♦ Foster or work at a rescue centre
♦ Have a new dog you want to bond with
My canine philosophy
These cards focus on positive reinforcement; developing a dog’s ability to make good decisions.

I believe ‘training’ should be fun for all involved and my underlying aim with this is to foster calmness, confidence and trust within a dog.

I pledge to plant a tree in the tropics for every deck sold in aid of TreeSister’s tropical reforestation program.

This card deck has been made with love and I very much appreciate your order. Thank you! ~ Chloe (& Cam ?)


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Developed for the love of my spaniel (and for the need to satisfy his highly active mind)!

Ever heard the saying "A happy dog is a tired dog"? That's all well and good, but what happens when your dog never seems to tire - no matter how much you walk them?

As a spaniel owner, I understand. Long walks only made him fitter and faster! Through training my pup, I discovered that mental stimulation is far more tiring for dogs than walks. I was amazed at how soundly he slept after just a few minutes of playing these games.

Our game repertoire grew to continue stretching his brain in different ways and this is how Calm Dog Games was created. Having met many owners who are stressed out and dealing with high-energy dogs, I realised I could help other people with this card deck.

...Because thinking is tiring for us too! Not only are there 52 games to keep your dog on their toes, but most of the games also have multiple levels of progression. All you have to do is follow the cue card!

Dogs LOVE playing games, and the best part is you can play them in as little as 60 seconds. So you can sleep soundly knowing your dog has had an enriching day, even when you've been rushed off your feet.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 23 × 12.5 × 3 cm

1 Deck, 5 Decks, 10 Decks

Leave a review

This card deck is very much a passion project made with a lot of love and so I really appreciate hearing your feedback. Thank you so much for everyone who has sent a review to me or to one of our stockists. You can now leave a review in a couple of clicks by using
the form at the bottom of this page.


Great for any dog lover. Lovely cards with some great games on them. Simple ideas well thought out. Glad I bought them. I feel I have an ace up my sleeve with these.

Emily A.

Human ordered me some Calm Dog Games cards and they have been so much fun! Check them out if you haven't already!
Alfie the lab

Fantastic idea! enrichment for any dog breed, Perfect for pets/owners who can't manage long walks, and perfect for rainy days!
Chloe H.

Honestly brilliant!

These are great little fun games to help focus, calm bond and play with my dog, and I love the fact that it has a little book that has higher levels of you can train further. It's compact to carry around and to just whip one out, I really enjoy doing the focus games with my pup while out walking!

Tia B.

The exercises are super simple, quick and fun to play. Osiris loves the extra attention!! Thanks so much!!
Kaél E.

Lots of useful games to enhance both dog and human bond. Lots of games to choose from. Well worth the purchase. 

Janett K.

Great games for every occasion. Wish they'd been plasticised. ...I intend to laminate them to extend useful life and weatherproof them. great for this awful wet weather when we can't get out. 

[REPLY: Our #ipledge mission is to be as eco-friendly as possible which is why we have them made out of card instead of plastic 🙂  The new deck do now have a varnish to extend life.] 

Brenda M.

A brilliant idea!

These cards are a brilliant idea, they are fun, easy to use and only take a few minutes. It is a great way of getting new ideas for games to play with your dog. I have found they are a great way of getting the rest of the family involved in dog training/play. I encourage everyone to take one card a day and play the game with our dogs. The dogs love it.

Patricia M.

I bought these cards for my dog for Christmas, and I am so impressed with them! We’ve played a few of the different games now and we both have so much fun ? I love picking three cards to play each day. I can’t recommend these enough, especially if you are a bit stuck with your training ❤️
Laura @olivethechichi

Never seen anything like this before! Love it!
Archie's Treat Boxes

Good for training and bonding with my boy as well as making his brain work. 

Kathryn G.

Had a quick look over the cards and I know Poppy will enjoy playing the games. Bought these over the Christmas period to keep her entertained. 

Gill D.

Great idea. Received our cards yesterday. I think they are BRILLIANT. We are holed up in one room of the house (+2 labs!!) downstairs atm, whilst builders/decorators are in rest, so these are useful for instant entertainment! My one criticism - the script is not always easy to read. 

[REPLY: Script font has now been updated to make them easier to read!]


These are one of the best things we've ever bought for our energetic cocker Spaniel!

They're easy to follow and great for giving you good ideas to keep them stimulated.

Some can take you as long as you want, others just 5 minutes but it's such a good way to keep then engaged, particularly on a wet and rainy day!

My niece who is 11 absolutely loves getting these out to play with the dog when she's over. I take a handful of the cards whenever we go somewhere too so I have something on hand to prompt some games and training.

Maggie loves them too and does an excited bum wiggle when she sees the box ?

Francesca M

A handy resource for enrichment and training. These cards are a great way to find games that will help you boost the behaviours you want from your dog. 

Being able to pick a card at random is an easy way to make sure you include variety in your play. 

They're great for rainy days and handy for holidays, and they include lots of ideas that would work for dogs who are on restricted exercise. 

I especially like the little book that explains the thinking behind the games and how to take them to the next level as your dog becomes an expert. 

On top of that they're very pretty and easy to wrap, so I am working out who I can buy them for as a gift.

Jacqui G.

What a brilliant idea!

Too often we walk Maisie where we should be using her brain and tiring her out mentally. Absolutely love them!

What a great idea! Can't wait to get started on Maisie's training!


I love that they are organized by concept so you can easily find a solution to a struggle you may be working on.

They will make amazing gifts for any occasion!

A wonderful idea! Thank you!

Carol M.

Simple and fun fun fun! The calm dog playcards is awesome, easy and simple games to play whenever. Even my boyfriend is using them.

Veronica J.


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