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The Clam Treat Toy

ideal for:

Providing appropriate outlets for prey-drive!

The Clam Treat Toy is an innovative treat-dispensing toy that makes training a whole lot more rewarding for you and your food-motivated dog!

This pocket-sized training aid is perfect for rewarding your dog from a distance – for example when teaching jump grids in agility, or practising flyball.

Small enough to keep hidden from sight until you need it, it’s weighted perfectly for throwing and comes in colour combinations that are easy for dogs to see.

The best thing about the Clam is its clever opening mechanism: big enough for your dog to push their nose into, but too small for the treats to fall out when the toy is thrown.

This allows your dog to be instantly rewarded, eliminating any frustration they may feel if they have to wait for you to catch them up, and thereby maximising your training results.

Once your dog gets the hang of it, they will absolutely love racing to claim the ‘pearls’ held within their Clam!

Size: approx. 11cm (4.5inches) in diameter



Thank you for supporting my small business ~ Chloe


  • Small and compact, but with enough weight for throwing.
  • Clever opening: big enough for your dog to get their treat, but too small for the treat to fall out.
  • Ensures your dog only swallows the food you want them to.
  • Designed with your dog’s needs in mind to reduce training frustration and maximise results.
  • Improves your relationship by rewarding your food-driven dog in the way they like best!
  • Made in the UK & hand-finished.



Clean with a damp cloth; do not submerge in water.


Designed for interactive play and should only be used with supervision. Not intended for chewing. Discard if becomes damaged.


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A great training toy. I use this for training my dog (agility mainly). It is good as it has a bit of weight to it and when you throw it, it lands and stays in place, rather than bounce, so you can direct the reward to the right place.

I use food to train my dog, when he needs to think, as with toys he gets too excited and cannot think. My dog love using his nose to push the toy apart and eat the goodies inside.

It keeps him very motivated and focused during training.

I have also hidden it around the house and asked my dog to ‘find it’ he teaches to the toy and loves getting the food out of when he has found it.


A very well made toy, which my Parson Russell Terrier quickly figured out how to open to get at the treats inside. Works really well to get a food-oriented dog more interested in toy-play. Plus as there is a little loop on the toy’s outside it can be tied to a flirtpole and used that way too.

Very good product, well worth its price!


Great training aid. What a great toy to help train a young dog to return to you. We first came across this in a gun dog training group and had to get one. A must for those having trouble getting a dog to recall.



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