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Bungee Food Bag Tug Toy

ideal for:

Search & Retrieve Games!

The Bungee Food Bag Tug Toy is ideal for putting a spring in the step of food-driven dogs.

If your dog is motivated by food but needs a little encouragement to play, this innovative tug toy is a great way to get them more interested in engaging with you in play. 

Once they figure out that there is food in the bag, you might just find they are suddenly much more enthusiastic about a game of search & retrieve or tug!

The toy is easy to throw once weighted with a few treats, and, as with all the bungee tug toys, the shock cord handle offers excellent grip and reduces the risk of jarring the handler’s shoulder or the dog’s neck during play.

Have a super ‘nosey’ and driven breed such as a spaniel? This is an ideal toy for scent games, nosework, search & retrieve!

Simply stuff it with food and chuck it into long grass for your dog to find. They will need to retrieve it directly to you so that you can open the pouch to reward them with the food inside. (A different game concept to The Clam where they open the toy themselves.)

The pouch is also large enough to fit a scent bottle.

All the extra sniffing opportunities this tug toy provides is mentally enriching and stimulating while also being calming.  

Handy addition for your dog walking bag to whip out and super charged sniffing session!

Size: This toy measures 50cm from top to bottom. The bag measures 16cm by 8.5cm (6 by 3 inches).



Thank you for supporting my small business ~ Chloe


  • Food can be hidden in the attached pouch for easy reward.
  • Pouch is fully lined in a water-resistant material.
  • Handle made from climbing-grade bungee webbing which reduces jarring of the dog’s neck and handler’s shoulder.
  • Durable enough for the strongest tuggers.
  • Made in the UK & hand-finished.



Clean with a damp cloth; do not submerge in water.


Designed for interactive play and should only be used with supervision. Not intended for chewing. Discard if becomes damaged.


  • Typically dispatched within 48 hours (Mon-Fri)
  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • Worldwide delivery (tax, handling fees & import duty may apply)
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On advise of our trainer, purchased as a high reward toy – cheese inside guarantees a hasty retreat to my side! Well made, sturdy and made in the UK – what’s not to like?

Juliet M.

Strong tug toy with pocket for putting treat in. Was recommended to buy this from my agility trainer and has worked fabulously in helping my Terrier with his training. Would definitely recommend.


This really helps with keeping Freddie’s attention as he is always exploring. He is collie cross retriever terrier and something else. When he sees the bungee food bag from a distance he comes we have a short game he gets a treat. Only use it in walks.

Jacqui M.


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