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Receive £25 store credit!

Do you have a favourite dog or gift store? When you make a new stockist referral, you will receive £25 credit to spend in my store!

Now is the best time to make a stockist referral since until June 30th 2022, stores new to Faire (our wholesale platform for independent stores) can receive £300 credit & FREE shipping for one year!

Stores in the US, Canada & Australia can receive $100 credit, plus Faire are covering import duties for a limited time! So this is a great incentive for international customers too, since this will help you save on postage by helping setup retailers in your country.

Receive a 25% discount code!

Do you know a trainer, behaviourist or other dog professional?

As you know, it’s the dog’s home life that has such as impact on training and behaviour. The deck is designed to make enrichment and mental stimulation easy and accessible for all, helping support your clients outside of classes and sessions.

Refer dog professionals to the ambassador program as an add-on to their business and you will receive a 25% discount code when they become active!

#1 Let them know about the deck!

Reach out to your favourite dog/gift store or dog professional (trainer, behaviourist, grromer, walker etc) and ask them if they have seen the enrichment deck. Let them know you love the deck and and think it would be a great addition to their business.

You can send them either relevant post below but please include your own own short, personal message. We don’t want to spam anyone!


#2 Let me know who you contacted

Please complete the short Referral Form to confirm who you referred and when.

I will take it from there and follow up with them.

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#3 Receive your credit!

Wholesale: If they go ahead and place a wholesale order, I will reach out to you within 14 days with your code for £25 credit!

Ambassadors: If they become an active ambassador, I will reach out to you within 14 days your 25% discount code!


Referrals must be a new stockist or new active ambassador and not a someone I have already been in talks with.

You are welcome to check with me before reaching out to them.

Your £25 credit will be available to use for 90 days, while stocks last. This cannot be exchanged for cash/payment. You can combine all credit into one order (e.g. you made two referrals) but you cannot apply additional discount codes on top of this. 

Your 25% discount code will be available for one year, while stocks last. This is one-time use and cannot be combined other discount codes.

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