Our planet,
our responsibility

As it stands, we take more from the planet than we give back.

In fact, in most cases, our efforts are to mitigate our impact rather than truly giving back.

As we all now know, a change in the way we live on this planet is long overdue.

It’s our responsibility, each and everyone of us.

We can’t put it all on the politicians, the billionaires, the big corporations… We can’t also just share sad stories of Amazon and think we’ve done our bit.

Sure, awareness plays its part, but now is the time for action – from each of us.

Us everyday people are the majority and so we are the ones who can make the most impact – largely through our our choices in consumerism.


…And most things in life aren’t ever really cheap, they come at a cost to someone or something. Let’s not make the planet pay our bill.

Our thoughts, feelings, choices and actions all have an energetic impact.

I do believe we can lead happier, more peaceful and satisfied lives through reconnecting with nature and our small but impactful place in it.

What we can do

One of my Facebook friends, Sarah, posted an #ipledge video and it inspired me to my my own pledges and to pledge it on. I think it’s a good format because a pledge means you are making a commitment to stand for something.

Here are 5 pledges I have made that you can adopt or adjust as you like.


I pledge to learn more about the impact I, as an individual, have on the planet. With this understanding, I pledge to think about the environmental impact of my purchases, consuming less, and if making a purchase, striving to make a better choice for the environment. I pledge to take the time to recycle. I pledge to eliminate single-use plastic from my life. I pledge to plan ahead and be more resourceful, reducing my need for unnecessary purchases.


I pledge to drastically reduce my consumption of animal produce, palm oil and soy. With this, I also pledge to encourage and support others in their efforts.

I pledge to not take for granted how easy it is to source food in supermarkets and remember that, while our earth provides the space and resources to farm, it comes at the loss of natural, wild habit.


I pledge to look at my energy usage and switch on “green” renewable energy where possible.


I pledge to remember that I am a custodian of this planet, and so I pledge to play my part by donating a little of my resources (time/money) in aid of reforesting wild spaces. I also pledge to spend time in the natural world, so that I can feel connected and reduce my stress levels, thus having increasing my capacity to grow compassionately and wisely.


I pledge to continue to recommit to my pledges and to share awareness campaigns, pledges and action steps within my circles.

I pledge to create a designated #ipledge on each of my websites. 

There is no “us and nature”. We are nature. We’ve just forgotten that.

grow forests

Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can join TreeSisters, a grassroots movement replanting over 2 million trees a year in the tropics.

my pledge

As a business, I make a further pledge.


Our product is made from paper and card which is recyclable.


Shrink-wrap and plastic packaging will always be declined in production shipping. 

I also ship to you in paper packing and seal with

back to the source

Every month, I pledge to plant trees in the tropics in aid of TreeSister’s tropical reforestation program.

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