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 My Ambassador program is designed to help you earn commission by simply doing what you already love – spending quality time with your dog and sharing photos and stories of your training & adventures!

I hope you find the deck and other products useful as a talking point and prompt for sharing your doggie content.

Seeing content created by my ambassadors makes my day! I’m really blessed to work with some amazing people and get to know their beautiful dogs.

If you would like to join us, you can find more info below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer those. @calmdoggames or


Who are our Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors agree that dogs are the best of us! They believe in
positive reinforcement and game-based training. They are here to share their love of dogs
& inspire others to have fun with their dog.

Doggie Businesses

Groomer? Boarder? Small business? Whatever your doggie business, our card decks can be a bolt-on, adding additional value to your offerings (e.g. A boarding service who play enrichment games with all their guests) as well as a product
your clients can purchase.


Do you have a dog-focused Instagram, Facebook page or group? If you love taking photos of your furry friend, our Ambassador program can help you monetise your hobby and earn your dog new toys and trips – or whatever you want to spend your commission on!

Dog Trainers & Behaviourists

Want an add-on to your dog training or behaviour business? You can utilise our card decks to run game-based classes, help your clients work with their dog in between sessions and stand out with our fun, game based approach.

How does this work?

Everyone loves a discount code! 

You will receive your own unique code to share with your clients, customers and/or online followers (e.g. YOURDOGSNAME).

This unique code is so easy to share via email, social posts, business cards, your website, social bios etc. No links are needed!

The incentive for your followers to enter your code at checkout is so they receive their discount and you will receive a commission for the sale! 

It’s that simple!


Level up!

Everyone will start at level 1 and you can grow with us at your own pace.

Level 1: Affiliate 

♥ 5% discount code to share 

♥ 5% commission on sales made through your code.

♥ Level up at 10 sales!


Level 2: Brand rep

♥ 5% discount code to share

♥ 10% commission on deck sales made through your code. 5% other items.

♥ 15% personal discount code* 

♥ Personalised business cards available for those who are dog professionals.

♥ Level up at 25 sales!

* For actively participating accounts

Level 3: Ambassador

♥ 5% discount code to share 

♥ 10% on commission on deck sales made through your code. 5% other items.

♥ Trade prices available*

♥ Personalised business cards available for those who are dog professionals.

♥ Birthday & Christmas present!**

* For actively participating accounts

** You will need to remain active each year to continue receiving a gift each year.




Are there any commitments?

It’s very relaxed. There are no commitments to post X times a month etc. How much you do is all on you. Obviously the more involved and active you are, the higher likelihood you will progress up the levels to receive more perks.

What if I want to take a break from work/social media?

That’s absolutely fine! I encourage breaks from social media. It’s something I am implementing in my week. Just let me know if you plan on taking an extended break so I’m not wondering what happened to you! 

If you fall inactive for a couple of months without any word, I will check in with you to see if you’re still interested. I can only manage so many people ‘on the books’ at one time so this is necessary to make room for new people.

I have a big account, can I skip the levels?

While I appreciate the time and dedication to growing your account, I like to make things fair. I’ve had experience with big and small accounts and it doesn’t always work the way you expect. A big following doesn’t necessarily equate to more referrals. I find it comes down to the passion of the individual; sharing how they use the games with their dog. 

I have a small account, can I still apply?

Absolutely! I’m more interested in engagement than follower count. If you have a small account but you’re active, you’re working to grow it and engage with the dog community, please do apply!

Can I just get a code for my highlights?

This will be on a case by case basis. I can’t set up accounts for everyone to simply get a code for their highlights, that’s not what I want this to be. But if you are a happy customer, have an engaged following, are very active on Instagram and feel you get good exposure on your highlights, I’m happy to discuss. 

How do I share the discount code with my followers?

The discount received by the customer is subject to change and may vary depending on the item. This may occur through cost increases or with some of the products I stock from other small businesses that have a small margin.

I recommend saying “Save @calmdoggames with CODE”. 


Supporting each other

I believe in sharing successes and helping each other to grow. I want us to all flourish creatively and collaborating and sharing each other’s work is a wonderful way to do that.

♥ All relevant content created around our products or ethos will be re-shared. This could be to the @calmdoggames main feed, to stories, in email newsletters to over 5K subscribers and features on the website. This will of course include credit back to your insta account or website.

♥ For photography accounts, you could feature more heavily on the website, feed, newsletters and our printed materials that go out to all customers or our leaflets that are given to re-homers by rescue centres.

♥ Any general content you create that I feel is a great representation of positive training and enrichment, I am more than happy to re-share to my stories or create talking points about and link back to you. I don’t always see everything, so please do send me any of your posts that you think are a good fit.



Your values

Whether as an affiliate, brand rep or ambassador, you are a public face of my brand. This means that our values need to match.

♥ Obviously you love dogs and spend a lot of time with them. 

♥ You champion reward-based positive reinforcement. (I can’t accept users of e-collars, prongs and any force or intimidation training methods.)

♥ You conduct yourself professionally online. E.g. You may pro-raw or anti-prong etc but you you never resort to unprofessional and unproductive dialogue. You believe being open and positive about sharing your personal choices is the best way to help educate others and you never go out to judge or shame.  

♥ You have purchased and genuinely love and use our products (you’d be surprised how many people want to be a brand rep just to try to get freebies – as a small business, that’s just not financially viable). 

♥ You choose what you represent carefully. It’s meaningful to you. I would never expect you to be a sole rep for Calm Dog Games and not other dog companies, I just can’t take people who sign up for anything and everything. You need to be genuinely into what we do! 

♥ You care about sustainability and, if sharing your lifestyle online, you’re conscious and mindful about your choices and what message you are putting out there.




Be part of the solution

I’m really passionate about helping owners spend quality time with their dogs and sharing ways add fun, interest and enrichment to that dog’s life. Obviously, you are too. 

I would love to work together to help raise the profile of mental stimulation and enrichment for dogs.

UK wide research identified behaviour problems as the most common reason for dogs to be given up for rehoming.

The Dog’s Trust

Key problems are often destructiveness, ‘disobedience’, hyperactivity and separation anxiety. While the deck is not a replacement for a good behaviourist or trainer when needed (though we do work hand in hand), many unwanted behaviours can be rectified by developing calmness, using positive reinforcement and delivering mental stimulation and enrichment.

The deck makes it easy and accessible for anyone.

Ready to get started?

Please be realistic when applying. If you’re not truly into this or are likely to be fairly inactive please know that it is time-consuming to correspond with each person, set up their accounts and their codes and keep up on top of things. I’m more than happy to do it if you do want to be a part of the team! Thanks so much for checking this out!


Thanks so much for reading!

If you have any questions, please reach out @calmdoggames or!

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