About dogs

Calm Dog Games is, first and forest, for the love of dogs. Inspired my my own spaniel, Cam, my desire was to give him an interesting and enriching life.

Enrichment is about creating choices. Games give your dog the ability to do so, while also setting up the opportunity to rehearse good decisions (such as recalling, focusing on you etc).

Dogs really are the best of us and they deserve to be listened to and heard. I believe many behavioural issues can be remedied through clear communication, gentle understanding and positive reinforcement. In essence, a calm default.

My aim is to help empower other people who have a dog in their life with the tools and strategies to communicate and connect with their dog, develop calmness and build upon that all-important bond. 

About people

Calmness isn’t just for dogs, it’s for us too.

As a holistic health coach and trainee herbalist,
I believe that disconnection from nature is at the root of chronic stress and ‘dis-ease’.

Within our homes and modern landscape, dogs are direct connection to nature. Through working more closely with the natural world, I believe we too can find a deeper sense of calmness, peace
and wellbeing.

A calm dog makes for a calm life 

Our Story

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “A happy dog is a tired dog”.

That’s all well and good, but what happens when your dog never seems to tire – no matter how much you walk them?

As a spaniel owner, I understand. Long walks only made him fitter and faster!

Through training my pup, Cam, I discovered that mental stimulation is far more tiring for dogs than walks.

…But as he reached adolescence, he started to become more interested in the environment around him and less interested in sticking close by my side.

We made games out of everything – from getting him to find his dinner to obstacle courses to giving him decisions to make.

I was amazed at how soundly he slept after just a few minutes of playing these games and I learned so much about the way he sees
the world.

Our game repertoire grew to continue stretching his brain in different ways and this is how Calm Dog Games was created.

Dogs LOVE playing games because they are fun-focused creatures.

I knew I needed to get a handle on this (I sure didn’t want a FENTON moment).

So we joined an obedience class. When it was our turn to walk around the room nicely in a neat circle, he saw a stack of chairs, jumped up on them and ran across their tops like it was a parkour session.

While we were supposed to be striving for control, I couldn’t help laugh and praise him for his confidence and sense of adventure. I knew traditional obedience wasn’t a fit for us, so I started challenging him in other ways instead.

Often times this looks like mischievous or even destructive behaviour, but really they’re just finding a way to entertain themselves. I found that the more fun I became to my dog, the more attentive he was to me. 

I also learned that CALMNESS was the kingpin to everything. 

If your dog is unresponsive to attempts at training, they are likely overstimulated and so unable to respond in that moment. This is why having progressive levels became an important component to the games.

So not only do the games create fun, interest and enrichment in your dog’s day, they also work on developing positive behaviours such as calmness, confidence and responsiveness to you in increasingly distracting environments.

this is very much a passion project; created for the love of my spaniel and the need to satisfy his
highly active mind!


Our Ambassadors

Carol MArtin

Absolutely Positive Dog Training

My name is Carol and I lead yoga classes and am a dog trainer, instructing dog owners how to enrich their dog’s lives.

I have 3 dogs - a GSD, a Border Terrier, and  a Border Collie. We love to hike when weather permits. After their physical needs are met, we also enjoy mental activities and games.

During inclement weather, the dogs take turns and we pick a card from the Calm Dog card deck and play. I also choose games to play while they are having their meals. We do not use a food bowl.

I am a huge fan of this deck of cards, there are so many games to play!  The dogs are excited to see the deck come out! 

I am so proud to be an ambassador for
Calm Dog Games.

Laura Russell


Hi I’m Laura and this is my 4 year old chihuahua Olive! I am currently in training to become a dog trainer, so I can help other owners and there pups with their struggles like they have helped me.

Olives struggle is that she is very much a pessimist and she worries about a lot of things, so playing some of the games from the Calm Dog Games deck has really helped her come out of her shell - our favourite is hide and seek, it’s such great fun!

We really hope that you enjoy the games as much as we do, they are truly awesome!

Lorren francis


Loki is a bold and outgoing pup who's scared of his own farts! He is adventure driven and loves a good chew on almost anything he can get his paws on.

He can  open door inwards and out but can’t close them. His favourite  past time is taking the insoles out of shoes.

He has a unique heart shaped spot  on his left side and two different coloured eyes which I am sure you have noticed. His brown eye even has a fleck of blue on the outer edge.

He’s my world and I love him to bits. 


I care about the environment. I care about education. I care about living this one life I have and helping others to do the same.

I believe to get more fulfilment out of life you need to give back, and what better way to do this than help protect our natural world.

For every deck sold, I pledge to plant a tree in aid of tropical reforestation. I commit to always use plastic-free packaging.

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