Calm dogs are happy dogs!


Calm Dog Games is inspired by my own spaniel, Cam, and a desire to enrich his life while also teaching him the value of calmness.

My Games and Enrichment Deck is simple, everyday tool used by thousands of dog owners, trainers and carers to provide varied enrichment, help fulfil our dog’s cognitive wellbeing and enjoy quality time together. 

This includes…

  • Enrichment activities to give dogs plenty of opportunities to express natural behaviours.
  • Mental stimulation in the form of reward-based brain games and interactive puzzles. This can help to calm dogs by balancing out physical energy with cognitive work.
  • Bonding and having fun with their person through play.
  • Learning more about our dog as an individual.

The benefits of calm dogs

Our approach is to focus on the foundations; making your dog feel like a winner! By building up calmness, confidence and connection with you, any necessary training becomes much easier and more effective.

Calm dogs are much happier dogs.

For training or behaviour issues, I’d always recommend working in conjunction with a qualified behaviourist or force-free trainer.

Pick a card and starting playing! 



Nature is the bond that binds us.


Get to know us

Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Chloe. I grew up in the lovely Devonshire countryside though, seeking wilder and more rugged landscape, now live up North in Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District.

My husband, Ryan, is from Yorkshire and we are avid fell walkers and climbers. We’re also big nerds when it comes to history.

I’m sure you will have seen our springer spaniel, Cam, all over everything I do! We also share our home with two geckos, Odin and Théoden.

“Meet the maker” fun facts:

  • I’m an introvert which is primarily why I work for myself. This also sets the tone for everything I do; taking a mindful approach and think about everything deeply. Dog people are my people!
  • While I pack orders, I like a little calm and cosy ambience. My go-to is Hogwarts or Lord of the Rings ambience on YouTube. Didn’t know that was a thing? Enjoy!
  • While Cam is nearly 20kg, he insists on sitting with me in my computer chair. He typically likes to lay across my lap, giving me a dead leg, or we’ll sit side-by-side with him looking at the computer as if he is has an opinion.
  • Ryan is in the military, but when he’s at home, he will often be the one who takes your orders to the delivery office – usually on his way back from golf. For this, I have to listen to a blow-by-blow account of every shot.
  • I have my mum to thank (very much) for inspiring and helping me along this creative path.

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