Creating a calm and contented life with your canine companions ♡


Calm Dog Games is inspired by my own spaniel, Cam, and a desire to enrich his life while also teaching him the value of calmness.

My Games and Enrichment Deck is a simple, everyday tool used by thousands of  owners as well as dog professionals and rescue organisations.

The different cards help to provide varied enrichment, fulfill our dog’s cognitive wellbeing and enjoy quality time together.

This includes…

  • Overall wellbeing and enrichment activities to give dogs plenty of opportunities to express natural behaviours.
  • Mental stimulation in the form of reward-based brain games and interactive puzzles. This can help to dogs to feel calm by balancing out physical energy with cognitive work.
  • Bonding and having fun with their person through play.
  • Learning more about our dog as an individual.

Pick a card and start playing!


The benefits of a calm dog

Dogs are essentially sharing a home with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as them.

This can be challenging, but you can bridge the communication gap and deepen your relationship by learning more about your dog

When you understand each other, every aspect of your life together will improve.

By fulfilling their needs,your dog will naturally become calmer and more content. 

Focus on the foundations and make your dog feel like a winner!

By growing calmness, confidence and connection with you, any necessary training becomes much easier and more effective.

Calm, confident, contented dogs are much happier dogs.

For training or behaviour issues, I’d always recommend working in conjunction with a qualified behaviourist or force-free trainer.

Our approach

Before I had Cam in my life, I trained and worked in coaching.

When I brought Cam home, we got to work doing basic training as most people do. I quickly moved onto games-based training, but we kept hitting a wall.

He was overstimulated and didn’t know how to switch off. 

Have you ever fallen into that trap of thinking that you always need to be doing more?

I realised that I needed to meet the needs of my dog in a more holistic way to make our life together more relaxed, peaceful and enjoyable.

I needed to think from a coaching perspective and look at his whole picture.

Once I started applying this and learning more about dogs, things started to fall into place. 

A number of common ‘behavioural issues’ can be resolved just by meeting your dog’s needs consistently.

We are all a work-in-progress. That’s just how it goes. 

Dogs are not robots. They don’t need fixing or controlling, they need understanding. 

They will never be ‘perfect’ and neither will you. It’s an impossibility and when you let go of that and just embrace the two things in life you can control (your thoughts and your actions) you can be more mindful about where you devote that time and energy. 

Hopefully into enriching your life together.


Nature is the bond that binds us.


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